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Hold on! There's something odd going on here?

posted 11 Apr 2017, 16:45 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 18 Apr 2017, 16:44 ]
fIbanez GRG 7221 7 string Guitar
Thats right this Guitar has an odd number of strings; figuratively and literally, it's a 7 string Guitar!
To be exact its an Ibanez GRG-7221 with a limited edition white finish. It's one of those eBay auctions where I saw it and thought "that's still a bargain price and I would quite like a 7 string Guitar if it was to stay at a bargain price..." And it did!

And it's Here!

Already!! Super quick posting or what?
It is very clean with no big scratches or anything, the electrics all work properly and it does have a very wide but nicely radiused slim profile neck to accommodate the extra low B string, (It could also, and this must mean my guitar playing is improving, do with some new strings). Now it's here I'm not quite sure what to do with the extra string? I guess do with it what you do on the high B string which is fine on say a G chord as you do nothing on the high B but it seems quite a bit trickier on a D or an A and I'm not sure is even possible with an F? Well I can hunt down some 7 string chord diagrams, I can work on my scales and lead breaks  and I can pose like I'm Stevie Vai