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Enough Mystery Ukuleles...

posted 1 Sep 2017, 16:22 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 23 Oct 2017, 13:50 ]
kays MiJ semi-acoustic Guitar
Lets invite a mystery Guitar?
Now this was labeled as a Kay Audition on eBay but when I looked a bit more into the listing I found that the seller thought it looks like a Kay or Audition and that he doesn't know who the exact maker is? What he does know is that isn't the original finish, and that the tuners have been replaced. I have had a look at the vintage catalogues and it does look like a Kay; but not quite! The body shape and pick guard are identical to the 775 Jazz II but not the pickups, bridge, or tailpiece; plus the selector switch is in the wrong place There are a number of Kay models that do have this tailpiece though, but they are all single cut or no cut bodies. Though he says it's not the original finish I did see a finish very much like this as a standard finish (it was called Spring Green) in the 1956 catalogue and the pickguard looks right for both the Jazz II and the Swingmaster models so I think it is Kay made. Kay did make sme models for audition but I have only seen solid body models the is a Teisco made Audition that has some broad similarities but when you look closely it is clearly a different guitar. I'm still stuck as to exactly what model it is but I think it looks cool and I'm glad it's coming to Ukulele Corner incorporating the Pony Guitar Sanctuary

It's Here!

And I am still none the wiser as to who made it?
As I said before it got here it has some parts that appear to be the same as parts that appear on Kays in the catalogues ? The label in the ƒ hole is long gone so no information there Now I have seen a 1950's budget line Gretsch Corvette with a similar bridge tailpiece and pickups and I do know Gretsch has a similar green finish they call "Aspen Green" which they use a lot more than Kay did with Spring Green however the one I saw was not a cutaway (thought there are a lot of Gretsches that do have a very similar short horn double cut) single pickup and had dots as fret markers? I have also seen a 60's Italian made hollowbody from Davoli; similar but not the same so I shall have to keep looking.
What I do know now it is here though is that it's in fairly good nick with no cracks, splits or warps and that both pickups work with just a bit of a crackle if you turn the tone knob.