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Clunker time again

posted 4 Jul 2017, 16:30 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 20 Jul 2017, 03:07 ]
Cole and Dundas Marigolds Soprano
I'm not 100% sure who made or marketed this Ukulele but I'm a sucker for perloid and I did like the marigold decals so I put in the opening bid as it was still fairly cheap. I thought I would be outbid because at some point because it was quite pretty and cheap, (especially if it didn't need shipping across the pond), but no one else bid? Maybe because it is a bit of a clunker and is going to need some work done on it. there is a noticeable crack in the back and most of the frets are missing, (in fact there are only 4 left - I think it will probably be better to remove the original 4 and completely re-fret it), and as is often the case with this sort of clunker, there may be other problems that I haven't noticed? 

Having invited it I thought I would do a bit more research into its origins. It is superficially unmarked and at first, (when I bid on it), I thought it was a Harmony; after all it's definitely not a Regal, but when I looked more carefully it clearly wasn't a Harmony either. After comparing the photos with other Chicago makers, (I'm pretty sure its Chicago made), my best bet now is that it was made by Richter for one of the local distributors, probably Targ & Dinner or possibly even Cole & Dunas before T&D took them over. I'm hoping I will know more once it gets here (Richter sometime stamped their name inside the ukulele at the neck block and I hope I will find this?) but I'll have to wait and see. 

It's Here

And it is as experienced as the pictures suggested! there are the frets, (or lack of them), the split in the back, and on top of that the end seam has come apart, taking with it the top and the bottom joints at this point so the whole bottom will have to be reglued. What it doesn't have though is any internal stame saying Richter or anything else? As it is here though I can directly compare it most of the contemporary Chicago makers and it is different from all of them in dimensions, bridge design, heel shape and the like so we come back to the makers I haven't got, Globe,  Richter or something completely new to me? Things like the decals and the perloid make me thing it is not from a small maker and the design still looks more like Richter to me comparing it to Known Richter photos so I stick with that until I find anything further either way; but I'll keep looking...