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Carrying on with the Homemade Theme

posted 21 May 2017, 16:36 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 27 May 2017, 04:15 ]
Homemade Cigar (actually Trinket) Box Soprano
Coming to Ukulele Corner now is a small Soprano scale (No) Cigar box Ukulele. I say No Cigar because though it is a one off home made Ukulele using a reclaimed box for a body, the box in question has never held Cigars. I now quite sure what it was in a previous life? I thought it was a pencil box to start with, the type with the sliding lid, but I can see that it's not so I'm thinking now some kind of trinket box?I asked the maker but all he would say "yes, the box was reclaimed". The maker is a chap who has retired and has taken to making cigar box type instruments as a hobby. Though he makes them to sell he's not looking to make a lot of money from them, so for that reason it was very cheap. The box is a little plain but I have always wanted a proper "home made" reclaimed box Ukulele but I was never going to make one myself so this is the next best thing.

It's Here

and I still can't work out what the box originally was? What I can say though is it is very solid and the neck is very nicely carved; far better than I could have made. on the minus side, that very solid soundboard is very thick, I'm guessing it was originally the bottom of the box. The nut is also very high too and solidly glued to the end of the fretboard so I cant remove it and file down the base to get the right action; and the action is currently VERY high. It is also very quiet and a little plain, (I may have to break out the Sharpies or get some king of interesting label to stick on?)I do like it though, it does very much have the "look I wanted; and the "vibe", (and it stands up nicely on its base - which is always handy)