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Auction time again...

posted 12 Jun 2019, 14:44 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 7 Aug 2019, 18:11 ]
Ibanez Talman
kiso Fukushima archtop guitar
Ninham grande bouche manouche guitar
rufus radian kaya

There is at least one auction every day this week (including two yesterday but nothing accepted my invitation) with chordophone (and worryingly other instruments!!!) to invite

  • B&J the Mele soprano Ukulele
  • Kremona hollow body electric Guitar
  • Ibanez Talman TMC50-NT acoustic Guitar
  • Kiso Guitars archtop Guitar
  • Ninham grand bouche manouche Guitar
  • Rufus Radian Maya electric Guitar

    not counting

    the junior Bagpipes(!) and all of the other noisemakers in the job lot!!
p90 junior electric guitar
rufus radian kaya
Ninham grande bouche manouche guitar

Next Day

  • Minimalist Guitar with P90 (truth to tell it was very cheap and I thought the case looked worth it)

  • Boss BR-1180 Digital Recording Studio

  • 3 cheap cases for the guitars I got yesterday that didn't have cases (hope they fit)

E-Mu SB49
Ibanez Talman
kiso Fukushima archtop guitar

Last Day
  • E-Mu short board 49 electronic Keyboard
  • Archetto electric Violin
  • Alesis Drum Machine
  • Finger Beats electronic Mixing Desk (not what I thought it was and a piece of tat)
  • Behringer 45w keyboard amp with 3 keyboard pedals
  • 2 Marshall mini amps
  • Orange mini amp
  • Fender mini amp
  • 2x 3 guitar, guitar stands
  • Job lot of new strings, new leads and other guitar stuff

    I lost my nerve on the Double Bass (and I will regret that forever more!)

They're all Here, Finally!! 

and truth to tell I really shouldn't have bothered with a lot of them