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Auction Time Again

posted 24 Apr 2019, 15:47 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 4 May 2019, 01:07 ]
Gomez Golpeador
mij strat
Kumalae type A
Schecter diamond series Omen-7 string guitar
Luxor Banjolele
And I don't know why I got so many amps? (Kustom 12 Gauge 16w Combo, Vox Venue 50w Combo, Marshall Valvestate 100w Combo and I'm not sure if they work!); - They do!!
3 amps

Anyway I also got
  • 1930's Juan Gomez Ukulele
  • A Chinese OEM Superstrat
  • A 1970's Guyatone "strat"
  • 1930's Kumalae Type A Ukulele
  • Schecter diamond series Omen-7
  • 1920's B. Horenstein & Sons Luxor Banjolele
  • B C Rich Wartribe
  • 1920's Kumalae Type E Ukulele
  • 1920's Winner Banjolele

BC Rich Wartribe
Kumalae type e ukulele
winner banjo ukulele
ss stewart
mainland mahogany
kumalae type a
Aloha Mfg Co
mainland koa
Genuine Koa
Two Job Lots, one of 4 20's Mainland Ukes and one of 3 20's Hawaiian Ukes, all needing a fair bit of restoration and not all of which I can identify
  • 1920's SS Stewart Ukulele (project)
  • 1920's Mainland Mahogany Ukulele (project)
  • 1920's Kumalae type A Ukulele (project)
  • 1920's Aloha Mfg Co. Ukulele (project)
  • 1920's B&J "The Mele" Ukulele (project)
  • 1920's Mainland Koa Ukulele (project)
  • 1920's "Genuine Koawood" Brand Ukulele (project)
and that's a lot of Ukulele Projects!

They're all here!!!

And now I have a lot of work finding space for them never mind all of the fixing up some of them need