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Auction time again!!

posted 11 Sep 2019, 17:20 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated ]
countryman ukulele banjo
1920s Hawaiian Ukulele Koa
G.C. Conn Mardan ukulele
Ortega hydra double neck tenor taropatch ukulele
devekey style a tenor ukulele
maton concert ukulele

Now I promised I wouldn't do this but here I go again
  • Countryman DUB 5 Banjo Ukulele - It's Here! and its brand new!!

  • 1920's Hawaiian Ukulele - It's Here

  • G.C.Conn Mardan

  • Ortega Hydra Taropatch/Tenor - It's Here

  • De Vekey Type 1 Long Scale - It's Here

  • Maton "Bloodburst" Concert - It's Here! and its brand new too!!

framus 6/174 100 plectrum tenor banjo
1970s fender electric violin
early hoyer archtop guitar
isana archtop guitar
maverick chaos 2 electric guitar
tanglewood orleans archtop guitar
line 6 variax guitar
  • Framus 6/174 100 Rhythm Series Plectrum Banjo - It's Here

  • 1970's Fender Electric Violin

  • Very early Hoyer Archtop Guitar - It's Here

  • Isana Archtop Guitar (Project) - It's Here

  • Maverick Chaos 2 Electric Guitar - It's Here

  • Tanglewood Orleans Hollowbody Guitar - It's Here

  • Line 6 Variax Electric Guitar

I got 5 sets of Bass strings too (but I'm never sure when Bass strings need replacing?) - The Bass Strings are Here too!