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As it's Christmas...

posted 24 Dec 2017, 16:19 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 4 Jan 2018, 09:44 ]
Deering Goodtime Concert Banjolele with an 11 inch drum
I thought I'd get myself a little present.
What I have invited this time is a Concert scale Deering Goodtime open backed Banjo Ukulele. These are generally fairly expensive so when they came out a couple of years ago, whilst I knew I would get one one day I knew I would have to wait for a bit for the price to go down. The do come up on ebay occasionally but while the start price is just about reasonable, they soon shoot up to a nearly new price that is above what I would go. Well this time once again the start price was just about reasonable so I had a punt, I wasn't going to go much higher than the start price though, but maybe because of the time of year I didn't have to; no one else bid! So although I'm not getting the Deering gig bag with it, I am inviting it at a fairly bargain, (for what they usually sell for), price.

It's Here!!

After quite a bit of faffing, getting it delivered during the holiday period, and it is quite lovely. Very big with it's 11 inch drum, but still lovely. It's also a bit lighter than I was expecting too. Every bit about it is quality though, and I like the way the Deering logo is stamped on the back of the fretboard overhang. when seeing them in pictures before I always wondered what the piece of wood between the bridge and the head was, and worried it might be detrimental to the sound.  It isn't though I have tried it now both on and off, and whilst it sounds pretty good with it off it actually sounds a lot beter with it on.