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Another (hopefully) Interesting Week

posted 18 Nov 2018, 13:52 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 25 Dec 2018, 06:27 ]
Lake placid blue fender zuma concert ukulele
30's New Jersey Oscar Schmidt Stella Ukulele
Dot. Alfio Leone Musikalia Soprano Ukulele Sicily

On to the next weeks list of Interesting Ukuleles and other chordophones that hopefully will accept my invitation to Ukulele Corner

♦ Fender Zuma Concert in Lake Placid blue
♣ 30's Oscar Schmidt Stella Soprano from New Jersey
♥ Dot. Alfio Leone's Musikalia Soprano all the way from Sicily

Well the invitations went out but nothing else accepted but the ones that have are all lovely Ukuleles and will be welcome at Ukulele Corner 

They're here

And very welcome the Fender is spectacularly blue the Stella has taught me a bit more about Oscar Schmidt in New Jersey and the Musikalia is very very quiet? Maybe its the cheap string Maybe its the huge soundhole? (I know there is some special formula for the optimum soundhole size and I can see it hasn't been followed here)