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And I don't even think he's Funny

posted 27 Jun 2017, 10:05 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 7 Jul 2017, 14:53 ]
Emenee Jimmy Durant Hot Cha Cha plastic Soprano
Jimmy "Schnoz" Durante that is, but when I saw his endorsed "Ho Cha Cha" Ukulele from Emenee in, (from the photos and the description), immaculate  condition I, despite what I have said in the past about not getting any more plastic Ukuleles, thought at that low starting price it's worth a punt. To be honest I wasn't going to go much higher than the starting price, but as is sometimes the case, no one else bid so my initial bid won. Of course, as it's coming from Trumpton postage and import tax put the price up a bit so I hope it is as immaculate as the seller said

It's Here

and it is every bit as immaculate as they said. The action is a bit high but I don't know if it was made that way or there has been a little warping of the neck over the years? Apart from that its probably in as good a condition as any plastic ukulele of the period I have ever seen. The strings on it are new but don't look the greatest of quality so I may replace them later but that would be my only other comment on the quality