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Am I getting overconfident?

posted 26 Nov 2018, 16:44 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 25 Dec 2018, 15:36 ]
romanian prima balalaika
Richwood artist series rm-70-nt petit bouche manouche
pre war 30s english soprano ukulele
I ask this because I have been a little, with my eBay invites over the last few weeks. I start out an entry like this showing what has already accepted my invitation but leaving space for what I hope will accept in the near future; and then nothing else accepts! Well there is not a lot on ebay coming up but there are some good auctions starting today with the Prima Balalaika that was the only lot I was inviting but it has accepted. I hope this is the first of many over the next couple of days but ...
Don't get cocky!

Sadly a lot of nice guitars turned down my invitations at the guitar auction today but a nice Manouche Guitar with a petite bouche, the Richwood Artist series RM-70-NT did say oui so not a complete washout...
Fingers crossed for the next one ♥

Not quite everything I invited again but a nice looking pre war English (possibly BS / RM) Soprano Ukulele with a nice hard case (and a big clock; but I told the auction house to give the clock to charity) said yes

They're Here

and I am happy to have invited them but it must be said that the Balalaika is not what you would describe as a quality instrument. I would say tourist tat quality but it is a bit plain for Tourist Tat, (I have seem a lot of tourist made ones with garash pictures of Russian peasantry painted on the front). It has the three plug type bridge pins but no bridge, (I got hopeful when it arrived as there was enough of a rattle inside to make me think the bridge had go in through the tiny soundhole but after a lot of messing about, did I say how tiny the sound hole is? about the ring size of my little finger anyway when it finally came out it was not the bridge but a large safety pin; vey punk but still not quality - and I still need a bridge) I can buy a Balalaika bridge but I think I will try with a spare 5 string banjo bridge and see if it is worth it first. There is also no apparent reinforcement so the steel strings will cut into the base once they are put under tension.

The mystery Ukulele appears to be an old Brüko no 1 that is in very poorly shape; through it still sounds good. I am not sure it can be resurrected with all of the damage it has taken But the case it came in is very good

I really liked the Guitar, right up until the top E string broke and looks wise it certainly is lovely but my brother, who is a much better guitarist than me, had a go on it (with 5 strings) and said about the tone being rubbish. It might of been his style not agreeing with the guitar but listening to him play I kind of agree with him! Still it clearly needs new strings and maybe with those and softer playing it will sound better?