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Am I getting overconfident?

posted 26 Nov 2018, 16:44 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 2 Dec 2018, 10:11 ]
romanian prima balalaika
Richwood artist series rm-70-nt petit bouche manouche
pre war 30s english soprano ukulele
I ask this because I have been a little, with my eBay invites over the last few weeks. I start out an entry like this showing what has already accepted my invitation but leaving space for what I hope will accept in the near future; and then nothing else accepts! Well there is not a lot on ebay coming up but there are some good auctions starting today with the Prima Balalaika that was the only lot I was inviting but it has accepted. I hope this is the first of many over the next couple of days but ...
Don't get cocky!

Sadly a lot of nice guitars turned down my invitations at the guitar auction today but a nice Manouche Guitar with a petite bouche, the Richwood Artist series RM-70-NT did say oui so not a complete washout...
Fingers crossed for the next one ♥

Not quite everything I invited again but a nice looking pre war English (possibly BS / RM) Soprano Ukulele with a nice hard case (and a big clock; but I told the auction house to give the clock to charity) said yes