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A big Thumbs Up

posted 17 Sep 2017, 18:31 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 11 Dec 2017, 15:51 ]
Lindert Conductor
Starosvitska (Ukrainian Folk) Bandura
A couple of auctions ended this evening and in both cases, apart from me there was very little interest.
The first, (and it wasn't an ebay auction; I think it would have got a lot more interest if it was), was a 1990's US made Lindert Conductor electric guitar with the thumbs up headstock. It was in a timed auction and only one other person bid, (and they only bid once) Lindert is a very different and fairly rare series. I am told they are quite good and I will find out as I did honor my bid and invited it to Ukulele Corner.

The other is a small Ukrainian traditional instrument called Folk or Starosvitska Bandura. It appears, (if you believe wikipedia), to have had an long and varied history where it has been a symbol of Ukrainian Cossack nationalism whose popularity has waxed and waned with the relationship between the Ukraine and Russia. There have been historical massacres because of it in the bad times and orchestras made up of different sizes of it in the good times. What I don't know however, is how to play it? Do you play chords on the longer neck bit? Do you strum it or pluck it? But no one bid against me in the ebay auction so I'll have a better idea when it arrives.

They're Here

And the Lindart is excellent, (if a little heavy). It is without doubt, one of the, if not the best Guitar I own. all of the electrics work and it all feels like quality. Its definitely worthy of a big thumbs up

The Bandura is nice too and is a piccolo, (so not very big). I can play it like a harp, one string at a time, but my repertoire so far is limited to "close encounters of the third kind". Handy if I need to communicate with aliens but not quite rock and roll. What I have found out about them though, is they have some similarities to playing a Harp Guitar, (I don't know how to play one of those either though) As an instrument it is well made and solid with steel strings that have zither like tuners, (so you need a spanner, or some kind of other tool to turn them). However I don't know what notes I am suppose to tune the strings too? Fun though and definitely different