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I've been a bit silly again

posted by Lardy Fatboy

Eikosha Artisan Jazz Guitar at Ukulele Corner
Cruiser by crafter rv800 flyinf vee at Ukulele Corner
chinese wesley plastic acrylic Guitar at Ukulele Corner
Yamaha RBX200 fluorescent fretless Bass at Ukulele Corner
classic cantabile acoustic bass at Ukulele Corner
Wesley 5 string Bass Guitar at Ukulele Corner
Tanglewood elfin mini bass uke at Ukulele Corner

Not sitting on my Laurals

posted 18 Sep 2018, 08:39 by Lardy Fatboy

Harmony Montgomery Ward Airline mw red soprano Ukulele

Though perhaps I should after all that I have just got?...


What I have now invited is a 1950's/60's very red Airline Ukulele made by Harmony and sold by Montgomery Ward

I've said it before, but its still true

posted 12 Sep 2018, 17:09 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 19 Sep 2018, 15:06 ]

I can resist anything except temptation; and good old GH are holding one of their big Guitar auctions again...
1983 Aria Pro II ZZB Deluxe
AXL Tiger pro 6 string bass
Danelectro U2 reissue guitar
Parker Fly Dias 1994
kay univox matsumoto effector guitar
Fender Stratacoustic acoustic electric strat guitar china
c F Martin backpacker travel guitar

So there's
  • a 1983 Aria Pro ll ZZB Deluxe Bass
  • an AXL Tiger 6 string Bass
  • a reissue Danelectro U2 electric Guitar
  • a 1994 Parker Fly electric Guitar
  • a '70's Univox Effector electric Guitar with built in effects
  • a Fender Stratacoustic acoustic electric Guitar
  • a C.F.Martin Backpacker acoustic travel Guitar

  • And that's just the first day!!

  • Second Day, and it didn't go as well as I'd hoped. I didn't get the Roland Drum Kit, the Vox AC4, the Hiscox Guitar case, the Electro-Harmonix Vocoder or an number of other useful things I would have liked

    What I did get though was
  • an acoustic Guitar Hard Case
  • a job lot of A-frame Guitar stands and gig bags, (I wanted the stands)
  • a Line6 Pod ll Guitar effects box
  • a Danelectro Dan-Echo effects pedal

  • Ozark chinese made celtic bouzouki octave mandolin
    Stentor Ozark chinese celtic mandola
    Vincent tatay tomas spanish bandurra
    gremlin blue moon chinese cuatro puerto rico
    Ibanez 513 mandolin
    bowl back round mandolin scroll headstock
    cremona Mando
    Canary islands timple
    The final Third day and I got...

    A LARGE bill for the first two days!!

    But the good stuff
  • an Ozark Celtic electro-acoustic Bouzouki
  • an Ozark Celtic Mandola
  • a Vincente Tatay Tomas Spanish Bandurria
  • a Blue Moon Puerto Rican Cuatro
  • an Ibanez model 513(?) Mandolin
  • a Cremona flat backed Mandolin
  • a German Scroll Top Mandolin
  • a Timple (as you can see these last 3 were a job lot and I was bidding mainly for the Timple)

  • So no Ukuleles, (I did go after one but it was part of another job lot and going for pretty much what a new one would have cost and I really wasn't interested in the ½ size Classical Guitar that came with it either), but there are lots of interesting other chordophones, and I'm already enjoying researching some of them. What I have to do now is go and collect them, (I hope they all fit in my car!)

    It was a squeeze but They're Here!!!

    Things I always said I'd get one day...

    posted 28 Aug 2018, 09:07 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 9 Sep 2018, 14:09 ]

    musima banjolele
    Gretsch 9100
    MFC Firefly
    Duke Kahanamoku
    a life?   One day
    a Job?   Perish the thought
    a good haircut?    hmmm?
    a pre war Martin 5k?   not yet but...
    a Musima Ukulele Banjo?  ♥
    a Gretsch Ukulele from the new "roots" range   ♥
    a Fluke Firefly?  ♥
    a Duke Kahanamoku souvenir Soprano?   ♥
    the ability to spell Kahanamoku without having to look it up?   maybe soon?
    the ability to pronounce Kahanamoku?    no chance. Still some of the good old stalwarts coming to Ukulele Corner; and who knows the 5k could still come?

    Ukulele? For a Penny ?!?

    posted 16 Aug 2018, 09:08 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 16 Aug 2018, 15:18 ]

    JR Stewart LeDomino
    Supetone with a partial Duco finish
    Yael Peacock
    Someone is having a "Giraffe"!!
    No a Peacock actually; that is officially what I paid on eBay for the Chinese Concert with the laser etched peacock! Of course there was postage on top so in reality I paid more than a penny but when I saw it as an auction item with a starting price of a penny I thought "thats got to be worth a punt, even though I am bound to be outbid, but that's ok, after all I really don't need another starter level Concert and of itself it's not that spectacular". But no one else bid so it stayed at £0.01 for 7 days! As I said it's not that spectacular on its own, though I am sure it will be perfectly playable, but I will always see it now without the postage cost and "the 1p Ukulele" and with that story it's kudos is, in my book, sugnificantly upped.
    Strangly enough though, (or maybe not?), I saw the same model in a "buy it now" offer with free delivery for exactly the same ammount as the postage on mine and the extra penny? (Same peacock and everything but this one was branded Yael so unless there is something else on mine - it was sold as unbranded - I will call it a Yael and look for information about the factory that makes them).

    The other two cost me a lot more than a penny (though I still think they are a bargain). What happened was someone based in the UK put both of them up as single lots; the first one which is the one that really caught my eye, is the JR Stewart made Le Domino. This is, in my opinion, one of the coolest Ukuleles ever made, and has been in the top 10 of the Ukuleles I wanted ever since I started collecting them; even the slightly less cool, but still black, Regal made ones, (the later natural Regal made ones are nowhere near as nice and smack of Regal just having some old decals to use up), but ideally the original JRS ones. Usually when I see them, they are on sale in the US, often in poor condition, and for a lot more than this one was offered at so there was no hesitation in my sending an initial invite to Ukulele Corner.

    While looking at it I saw than the same seller had another US made Ukulele of a similar vintage up for sale as well. This was a Supertone that I had only seen small blurry pictures of before, with a decoration that was referred to as "Duco". Of the few that I had seen, most were fully covered with the speckles, but I had seen one that was only part covered; like there was a protective cover put over the top so only part was over painted. Having only seen one of these before, and not a good picture at that, I had a closer look and close up, the painting was so crisp that I thought it must be a recent referb job. Thinking this might be the case for why the Le Domino was so pristine looking too, I contacted the seller and asked if it had been refurbished? The seller told me that he didn't do it and the person that he got it from, the person who had imported it into the UK some time ago, didn't do it either. I would have liked this too but it was listed as finishing before the Le Domino, which I wanted more, and which I fully expected the price to double on before it was finally sold. If they had come up the other way round I would have waited, and if I didn't get the Le Domino, I would go for this. as it was the wrong way round though, and I was reluctant to spend a lot on this, and then have to spend a lot more for the LeDomino, I tried putting a cheeky offer in to buy both of them now. As, up to this point and it was a couple of days after the auctions started, (everyone know all of the serious bidding only happens in the last few seconds on an auction), no-one had bid on the Supertone and I was the only bidder on the LeDomino, the seller took up my offer if I was willing to be a little less, (but still I think quite), cheeky. So off went the invitations to the both of them and I wonder gleefully now how many snipes have been thwarted but the auctions ending early?

    Something Old, Something New...

    posted 29 Jul 2018, 15:20 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 14 Aug 2018, 16:17 ]

    Juan Gomez
    tanglewood Mini
    And I have no good rhymes to finish the poem off because nothing is borrowed and nothing is blue either.
    So the old, this is a pre Civil War Spanish Soprano from Juan Goméz of Barcelona, (if he was ever a real person?) I'm very interested to compare this with my José Alvaréz, (who we know was not a real person, just a branding). I have long suspected that they were both made by the same factory in Barcelona because most of the examples I have seen look very much identical? I can see that there is a bit of a comparison issue here as it looks like this Goméz has had its golpeador removed, (hence the black above the sound hole), but in many ways this is good because my Alvaréz doesn't have a golpeador either, (I suspect it did have once but there is far less evidence that it was there, due the the emulsion paint when I got it hiding and then removing any trace as I had to strip it right back to the wood). The Goméz also comes with wooden pegs, which are no help in identification and I shall replace with proper tuners as soon as I can because I don't like wooden pegs.

    And the new, this is one of Tanglewoods latest range of Tribal Spirit Ukuleles and is mini scale, so its the "Tiny Tanglewood Tribal Spirit" (no poetry but a little illeteration). Having pulled the trigger and "brought it now" I read some of the reviews for it and they were all pretty unflattering. Oh well it was very cheap, (I thought), and I do love a Mini so I will wait and see before passing judgment.

    I'm suppose to have retired

    posted 25 Jul 2018, 17:04 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 2 Sep 2018, 02:54 ]

    JHS Vintage AMG3 tricone Guitar
    Puka Rosette Series Concert
    there was a big (100+) Guitar auction today that also had a number of other instrument and musical paraphernalia. Sadly I had to go out in the middle of it and missed a number of bargain Guitars but I was there for a lot of it and I did manage to invite a couple of things including a JHS Vintage Tricone Resonator, (I know I have a JHS Vintage Single Cone Resonator, but I have always wanted to get a Tricone to hear the difference in sound) , a 24 track digital Portastudio and a
    Drum Kit!!!
    Alesis Lite
    That's right an Alesis DM Lite electronic drum kit!! Now the last electric drum kit I had, I beat to death within a year because I was way to heavy handed but that was 30 years ago and electronic drum kits have come a long way since them, (and hopefully I have mellowed too?)

    Then on top of all thing I had my offer accepted on a Puka Rosette Series Tenor Ukulele so that is coming too.

    They're Here

    The Puka is a very nice Concert, (well it didn't say in the listing so I made a "best guess" from the photo), well made good, evenly applied burgundy finish, nice decals and good solid hardware
    The Drum kit is very nice, now I just need a stool; and somewhere to set it up?
    The Tascam is very nice, now I just need some studio mics; and somewhere to set it up?
    The Tricone would have been very nice if the auction house hadn't badly damaged the neck! they told me this after I had driven half way across the country and collected it, (the shipping company gave me a ridiculous quote to ship it; and I thought I was a good customer of theirs). They wouldn't offer any compensation for their clumsiness, just the offer of not buying it at all, which was not a lot of good after i had collected it! Well I know one auction house, (TW Gaze of Diss), that I will never use again. I think the damage is repairable, and if it isn't the body and machine heads are fine so I can just replace the neck.

    Actually not so short...

    posted 20 Jul 2018, 16:25 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 21 Aug 2018, 14:44 ]

    ShortBass One
    for a Uke Bass even though it is called a ShortBass One! 
    Marketed by Aquila, though I believe actually made in China this has a scale length of 23 inches. longer than the Kala UBass, (20½ inches) but still in the Baritone Ukulele type of range and much shorter than even a short scale Bass (32 inches). The purpose for Aquila commissioning this was for putting on some new, (at the time) "red" series strings, and the extra length is suppose to make it's acoustic performance better, (I shall see when it gets here). 

    The reason I invited it was because it was on eBay at a very bargain price because it is a factory second, (there is a repaired crack above the soundhole), and because I wanted one!

    It's Here!!

    and it really does deliver!
    It is much louder acoustically; and much more defined. the Aquila Reds are very nice too. Much as I luuve the soft fat rubberiness of the normal E string, it is a bit of a bugger to put on. It also doesn't have the greatest intonation, largely due to the fatness. The reds trick of changing density rather than thickness, halves the string thickness and improves the intonation (it's not quite as kinky though) 
    It does come with a very nice, (but not kinky, unless you are even weirder than me), red padded gig bag, and you need this because its too long for any ukulele cases and too small for any acoustic guitar cases
    And the crack? Well its hardly noticeable unless you look really close and it has been so well sorted in the factory that you can't feel it and it isn't going to get any worse

    Latest eBay Refugees from Trumpsilvania

    posted 12 Jul 2018, 15:16 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 18 Aug 2018, 15:42 ]

    Bruno Lyra
    My success on US ebay auctions is continuing, What I have managed to invite now is a 1960's Zim-Gar Pirles, actually made in Japan but imported for one of the major US retail firms of the time. The other one I have invited is a 1920's Bruno Lyra which may well have been made by the original New Jersey Oscar Schmidt Co. 

    They're Here!

    The Zim-Gar is a fine example of 60's Japanese craftsmanship. I didn't realise, until I got this, that Pirles was a fairly significant name in the Japanese home market though apare from the instruments Gar-Zim, (the name of the Zim-Gar distributor), imported I don't think many were sold overseas. It is fully laminate, but then it set out to be a fairly budget instrument and the black binding is just paint. Mine has a little bit of wear on the top part of the lower bout, but apart from that it's immaculate, no signs of wear on the plastic fretboard, the bridge or the very nice sharks toothesque, (not a direct copy of the Harmony one and I think a little better looking), tuners. The strings that came with it need trimming, (or possibly replacing? They feel quite new but they don't feel like the highest standard), and then it's ready to Rock'n'Roll.

    The Lyra is even more immaculate given its greater age. The neck is tight, all of the frets are there, even the 12th, the bridge is firm and there is no splitting of any seams. And of course no cracks, not even any bad scratches! I think it is probably made of birch and just stained to look darker, but it has come up beautifully with a polish. It came with one old gut string and one tuning peg but I've quickly got rid of those and put some nice new steel friction tuners on, (they look the part other than the cross head screws). And the biggest question? Well its certainly not Regal, Harmony, or any of the other big Chicago makers, not with those chunky braces, (or the bridge, or the headstock), but I would like to see some more Oscar Schmidt's of this sort of tongueless, one piece backed but maked up level of Oscar Schmidt before I could say 100%

    The American Invasion continues

    posted 21 Jun 2018, 00:50 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 29 Jul 2018, 05:56 ]

    L+H Camp
    Keith Urban Tenor
    I have had a bit of success on eBay recently, bidding on Ukuleles that are "over the pond" in Trumpsilvania. What I have invited is, from left to right, a 1951 Regan Soprano, a 1924 Lyon & Healy "Camp"Soprano, a probably Regal, (or possibly Slingerland?) made Manhattan Band Instrument Co. "Winner" Soprano and a 2017 Keith Urban, (his own brand), Tenor.

    They're here!

    Well it is a long way to come, but they are all safely in the Corner.
    The Lyon & Healy Camp has a small crack on the top and some very old nylon strings, ((which I am tempted to replace but in themselves they are ok and they do give a nice tone). The monkeypod is a nice wood and even though this isn't supposed to be the top L&H brand, the craftsmanship is excellent

    The Winner is a little more damaged, one of the top braces has come off and the is some seem splitting. I'm not convinced about the authenticity of the sound hole decal but the others are very nice and definitely original

    The Regan is perhaps a bit plain and of interest only to a geek like me, but Ukulele Corner is hosted by a geek very like me, (so similar as to be indistuingous), so it's very welcome and is an interesting addition to the field of post WWII ukulele production

    The Keith Urban Tenor is big! That is it has a bigger body than most Tenor and thankfully came with it's own gig bag, because it's to big for a standard one. Strangely for the size of body, the tone is a little lacking in bass, but apart from that it quite nice for a laminate. speaking of laminate, the ash top is quite pretty and the overall build is very nice, I just wish it had a better name.

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