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when i find an usable alternative i will put something here

I hope its not a bad penny

posted 31 Oct 2019, 17:25 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 31 Oct 2019, 17:33 ]

Encore E99 electric Guitar
Because my JHS Encore E99 is off again, hopefully to a nice life outside of the Pony Guitar Sanctuary. It has gone once before but got homesick and came back. This time though its off and not coming back

So Farewell

Its Gone!

Well one is a bit of a tease...

posted 26 Oct 2019, 11:15 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 9 Nov 2019, 13:44 ]

Naomi Bottle rectangular concert Ukulele
Fin-Der marbled teasers hula uke ukulele
As in a 1950's Teasers Hula Uke, and the other is an interesting Naomi Concert .

More Singing

posted 20 Oct 2019, 15:43 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 2 Nov 2019, 17:23 ]

harmony made Buegeleisen and Jacobson serenader ukulele

Well it is a Serenader
(made by Harmony for Buegeleisen and Jacobson in the 30's) and it has accepted the invitation to Ukulele Corner. It needs new tuners but apart from that it's in fine shape

It's Here

and it has a speckled finish it's not just a bad photo

Fond Farewell

posted 18 Oct 2019, 08:28 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 31 Oct 2019, 17:31 ]

jhs john hornby skewes pilgrim vintage dub Banjolele
Leaving Ukulele Corner is my JHS Vintage DUB 5 Banjolele. It's a great Banjolele in wonderful condition and it is a discontinued model but at the end of the day it is the same Dae Won rebrand model as the Countryman and with space becoming an issue here at Ukulele Corner I can't have two. I'm sure it will be well loved "oop north" and may even get to go to a George Formby Convention, (not that it ever expressed a desire to go to one...)

Its Gone!!

nice looking banjo cavaquinho

posted 5 Oct 2019, 15:57 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 13 Oct 2019, 16:50 ]

gracia banjo cavaquinho at Ukulele Corner
has accepted my invitation to Ukulele Corner. What more can I say.

It's Here!

I can say that; and it is nice

I'm getting another Woody...

posted 26 Sep 2019, 15:47 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 5 Oct 2019, 05:32 ]

chambered doublecut woody guitar at Ukulele Corner
This is one of those times when I had forgotten I had even sent out an invitation, and then I'm notified that it's accepted 

Mind you at my age its always nice to get a surprise woody...

Stop It!! No More Double Entres!!!

It's Here!

and it is immaculate, (though I haven't plugged my Woody into anything yet...)

You're getting very close...

Auction time again!!

posted 11 Sep 2019, 17:20 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 5 Oct 2019, 05:03 ]

countryman ukulele banjo
1920s Hawaiian Ukulele Koa
G.C. Conn Mardan ukulele
Ortega hydra double neck tenor taropatch ukulele
devekey style a tenor ukulele
maton concert ukulele
keech type g banjo ukulele

Now I promised I wouldn't do this but here I go again
  • Countryman DUB 5 Banjo Ukulele - It's Here! and its brand new!!

  • 1920's Hawaiian Ukulele - It's Here

  • G.C.Conn Mardan - It's Here

  • Ortega Hydra Taropatch/Tenor - It's Here! and its brand new!!

  • De Vekey Type 1 Long Scale - It's Here

  • Maton "Bloodburst" Concert - It's Here! and its brand new too!!

  • Keech type G - It's Here
framus 6/174 100 plectrum tenor banjo
1970s fender electric violin
early hoyer archtop guitar
isana archtop guitar
maverick chaos 2 electric guitar
tanglewood orleans archtop guitar
line 6 variax guitar
  • Framus 6/174 100 Rhythm Series Plectrum Banjo - It's Here

  • 1970's Fender Electric Violin - It's Here

  • Very early Hoyer Archtop Guitar - It's Here

  • Isana Archtop Guitar (Project) - It's Here

  • Maverick Chaos 2 Electric Guitar - It's Here

  • Tanglewood Orleans Hollowbody Guitar - It's Here

  • Line 6 Variax Electric Guitar - It's Here

I got 5 sets of Bass strings too (but I'm never sure when Bass strings need replacing?) - The Bass Strings are Here too!

I'm a fan of Cliff not David

posted 8 Sep 2019, 15:08 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 19 Sep 2019, 05:02 ]

Clifford Essex Ukulele
Essex that is.
What I have invited this time is an early 1930's Clifford Essex Ukulele

It's Here!

and there is a bit of a crack in the front but apart from that it looks pretty good

Updating the database pays off!

posted 2 Sep 2019, 08:47 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 8 Sep 2019, 10:57 ]

Harmony 10 string tiple ukulele
There I was updating the database and writing a bit about the Colombian Tiple (well it is often mistaken for a Ukulele). I needed some pictures, ideally of a very experienced one, so I went to ebay to look at what was there at the moment. There wasn't any pictures of what I was looking for but what it brought up in the search was an old Harmony Tiple Ukulele at a very reasonable "buy it now" price but with offers accepted. It was also quite local so I could go and collect so I put in an offer and it was accepted.. 
So off I go.

It's Here

and the chap I got it from said he is also a collector of sorts so its in very good nick with new strings and even pretty much in tune! I don't think it originally came with bridge pins but the switch over has been done very well with proper reinforcing and probably makes for a stronger bridge. Certainly better than the pot on a tailpiece affairs, (though from the holes in the base it has suffered one of those in the past). It's tone is noticeably better with a D tuning rather than a C (but it was tuned to C when I got it; possibly why the chap sold it?) and with the bridge pins I am happy to go there

The Next Lot...

posted 8 Jul 2019, 04:14 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 8 Sep 2019, 11:15 ]

gold tone little gem ruby concert banjolele banjo at ukulele corner
hawaiian mahogamu co. 1920s at ukulele corner
1950s royal hawaiian plastic soprano at ukulele corner
east coast stagg ƒ hole soprano ukulele
I don't know when to stop!

♥ Gold Tone Little Gem Ruby Banjolele

♦ Hawaiian Mahogany Co. Concert scale Echo

♣ Fin-Der type Royal Hawaiian plastic Soprano

♠ Eastcoast cedar & maple ƒ hole Soprano

But I really have to because I've run out of room (unless I do something drastic!)

They're here!!

The Eastcoast is very nice if a little quiet. The Echo needs a LOT of work but I knew that when I invited it. The royal Hawaiian is nice even without Harry's signature on it. The Gold Tone looks nice but is a little disappointing with its quality of build. The nut has come off and is only held on by the strings and the fret board is coming away from the neck! Fixable but not things I would expect from a nearly new Banjo and a firm of this reputation

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