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Roy was always going to come

posted 18 May 2019, 15:37 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 18 May 2019, 15:44 ]

50s harmony roy smeck mahogany standard soprano ukulele
He endorsed too many ukuleles, banjoleles, guitars, banjos, mandolins and other instruments not too.

I didn't quite get them all

posted 9 May 2019, 16:13 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 10 May 2019, 08:19 ]

BC Rich Warbeast
BC Rich Warbeast
BC Rich Warbeast
And it is the case that I am definitely a vintage Ukulele dealer now because I have no excuses I bought at least two of these Kumalae type B's to sell (even if one it at cost to the Ukulele Doctor)
These were the three Kumalaes that I didn't by in the big auction last week. I thought someone else brought them but it transpires not and they were put into the next general auction at a reduced price so how could I say no? My first thought is that these were 3 type B's but in looking further I think the first one, as well as having a different headstock shape and logo, is one of Kumalae's original Mini Scale Ukuleles. If that is the case I'm definitely keeping it at Ukulele Corner These are very important in the history of Ukuleles and is one of the, if not the top of the list of Mini's I want!
The other two are definitely type B's and I do already have a type B at the corner so they they get here I will look at the three of them, keep the one I like best at Ukulele Corner and take the other two to the Ukulele Doctor. Now I know the second one has a crack in the back so he needs to have a look at it anyway but he says He would like one so I will let him have whichever he wants at cost and the one left without a home will be put up for sale. 

So that's it, I'm a dealer now if you are looking for a 20's 5K Martin or a 54 Gold Top Gibson you know where to come

Am I an arms dealer?

posted 3 May 2019, 16:12 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 9 May 2019, 16:04 ]

BC Rich Warbeast
Because I have sold someone a Warbeast.
Yes another stalwart of the Pony Guitar Sanctuary has moved on to pastures new, (or maybe in this case battlefields new?) It has always been a lot of fun with the OTT "Warbeast" name; and should there be more a's in there? WaaaaaarBeast? WaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarBeast? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... no now I'm being silly, but that was the point, (well one of the many points) I loved this guitar for it's silliness and the only reason I sold it was because I was getting an even sillier one. so goodbye and I hope your new custodian has as much fun with you as I did

Auction Time Again

posted 24 Apr 2019, 15:47 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 4 May 2019, 01:07 ]

Gomez Golpeador
mij strat
Kumalae type A
Schecter diamond series Omen-7 string guitar
Luxor Banjolele
And I don't know why I got so many amps? (Kustom 12 Gauge 16w Combo, Vox Venue 50w Combo, Marshall Valvestate 100w Combo and I'm not sure if they work!); - They do!!
3 amps

Anyway I also got
  • 1930's Juan Gomez Ukulele
  • A Chinese OEM Superstrat
  • A 1970's Guyatone "strat"
  • 1930's Kumalae Type A Ukulele
  • Schecter diamond series Omen-7
  • 1920's B. Horenstein & Sons Luxor Banjolele
  • B C Rich Wartribe
  • 1920's Kumalae Type E Ukulele
  • 1920's Winner Banjolele

BC Rich Wartribe
Kumalae type e ukulele
winner banjo ukulele
ss stewart
mainland mahogany
kumalae type a
Aloha Mfg Co
mainland koa
Genuine Koa
Two Job Lots, one of 4 20's Mainland Ukes and one of 3 20's Hawaiian Ukes, all needing a fair bit of restoration and not all of which I can identify
  • 1920's SS Stewart Ukulele (project)
  • 1920's Mainland Mahogany Ukulele (project)
  • 1920's Kumalae type A Ukulele (project)
  • 1920's Aloha Mfg Co. Ukulele (project)
  • 1920's B&J "The Mele" Ukulele (project)
  • 1920's Mainland Koa Ukulele (project)
  • 1920's "Genuine Koawood" Brand Ukulele (project)
and that's a lot of Ukulele Projects!

They're all here!!!

And now I have a lot of work finding space for them never mind all of the fixing up some of them need

Another Trumpsilvanian refugee

posted 22 Apr 2019, 18:23 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 9 May 2019, 11:37 ]

leonardo nunes california ukulele o hawaii 1920s
What I have offered sanctuary to this time is a Leonardo Nunes Ukulele'o'Hawaii. well Trumpanstein doesn't like Californians; or Hawaiian's 

It's Here!

and it's a lot more beat up than I was expecting! So much so that I'm not sure I can ever get it back to reasonable shape. On the plus side from the front, apart from the 3 missing frets, (not mentioned in the description), it looks pretty good, though if you look up close the soundboard is lifting, (also not mentioned). From the back there is a very noticeable repaired crack, (I knew about), and the tuners are mismatched, (not mentioned). the big issue is on the treble side, there is an old very noticeable repair patch, (which I knew about) and two rather nasty unrepaired recent splits! One on the lower bout, which they mentioned is clearly a bash so there is deformation and bruising as well as the split; which is worse than I was led to believe, and on the upper bout is an even bigger split which was not mentioned!

Oh well I was never going to play it much anyway and it will display reasonably

The latest German Mystery?

posted 18 Apr 2019, 14:34 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 4 May 2019, 01:04 ]

11 fret jose fernandez ukulele
The first mystery is I don't have any idea how big this Ukulele is? It must be large enough to be playable because of all the strumming wear, but there was no size given and it wasn't pictured with anything I could use as a size reference. I'm guessing its a small Tenor because all of the other ones I have seen like this are; but that's only a guess. The second mystery is, who made it? It was described as 1920's and it obviously is pre war at least, but no maker or anything, (though there may be something in the sound hole that I can't yet see?) the body shape and fretboard design does look like another Jose Fernandez, (if he was a maker and not just a distributor?) but the bridge isn't pin and its 11 frets to the body and these are fairly fundamental differences!

It's Here!

and it's a Soprano with a scale length of 13¼in It's also very nice even if the finish is a little worn and there is some seem separation at the back. I have no doubt that its from the same maker as my de Vekey and the others, even if it doesn't have bridge pins, so a Jose Fernandez (or whoever he brought from)

More work for the Doctor

posted 15 Apr 2019, 12:21 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 3 May 2019, 16:18 ]

curly bridge
Here comes another mystery European made Ukulele, (that I am assuming is a standard) It has a nice light coloured, probably one piece maple neck, a very interesting curly bridge, (that I hope will help me identify the maker) and the white border and rosette is inlay and not paint. However it also has 4 mismatched push tuners at least one missing fret and plenty of seams coming apart so it is probably going to have to visit the Ukulele doctors. There is also some very faded writing in the soundhole which may give a clue as to who actually made it? I do love solving a mystery; and I do love a nice experienced Ukulele at Ukulele Corner

It's Here

and it turned out the white border is paint, but the paint is at the bottom of a neatly carved out channel. Yes it's not quite as fancy as I first thought but it is interesting and I do love that bridge.

A Lucky Miss

posted 11 Apr 2019, 14:30 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 15 Apr 2019, 12:06 ]

Harmony Johnny Marvin
Is one way of looking at it
A german eBay seller was celebrating his 20th anniversary with a number of 1€ start auctions, one of which was a long neck Pineapple Kekio that looked rather nice and reminded me that I wanted a long neck pineapple because a] I like the giraffe look of them and b] I don't have any Pineapple ukuleles with a longer scale length than Soprano. Anyway the auction may have started at 1€ but it ended a lot higher than I was willing to go. Still the guy put up another Pineapple with a 1€ start so I was off again. Only this time the price didn't run away so quickly; in fact my invitation was only turned down in the final few seconds by one other person. What I had noticed with this auction though was it was just a Soprano Pineapple not a long neck, but in the usual ebay fashion while looking at it before the end of the auction, I got an advert for a very reasonable looking long neck pineapple with a buy it now price and that was this Classic Cantabile. So out went the invite before the end of the auction, after all I was still after a long neck. It would have been nice to get both but I'm very happy to settle with only this one

It's Here

And its just over 15 in scale so its definitely a Concert; and even though it has a 14 fret neck it doesn't look like a Supersoprano, it looks like a proper Concert scale Pineapple. It plays very nicely too though it doesn't seem to have the extra volume you sometimes get with a Pineapple.

More departures

posted 6 Apr 2019, 09:08 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 7 Apr 2019, 05:16 ]

Keech type A Banjulele
Hohner Arbor
The Keech came from an auction as one of a pair of banjoleles with the Broadcaster. I already had a Keech type A at Ukulele Corner, But I wanted a Broadcaster so I know one of the Keeches would have to move on. The one that was already here is more original than this one, with original tuners and an original, albeit "slightly distressed? road worn? whatever finish so this one only had a brief stay. It was a very nice example though and now I'm sure it will grace someone else's collection.

The Hohner Arbor series Strat also came from an auction, but this time it was part of a pair of electric guitars with the Starcaster, and again I was bidding mainly on the Starcaster, (but I was thinking it was a proper Fender Starcaster and not a Starcaster by Fender Strat copy; but that another story) As it is this is probably the better of the two guitars but with those far eastern, (one is Chinese the other Japanese), glyphs I never really warmed to the look of the thing, whereas I loved the sparkly perloid pickguard and the big headstock of the Starcaster, (and when all is said and done, while it might not be a proper Stratocaster, it is a proper Fender; and less common than a Squire). This one has been at Ukulele corner a while now, long enough to be one of the founder guitars of the Pony Guitar Sanctuary, But like the Keech; and even more so the Powerplay before it, I don't need two Strat copies so one had to move on and I'm sure this too with grace someone else's collection.

No mistake this time

posted 6 Apr 2019, 06:16 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 23 Apr 2019, 09:25 ]

Another auction and this time I put a very low opening bid in.
They accepted it and no-one bid against me, (well I tried in my excitement but the software ignored me), so two more interesting little darlings are on the way to Ukulele Corner. The auctioneer had listed them as two 1950's Ukuleles but I could see, with the bar frets, that at least the natural one was a lot earlier possibly early 30's but more likely 1920's and the bridge says German or British made. The more colourful one has a bridge that reminds me of an early Chicago model but I don't recognise the pattern and I doubt it is American. Hopefully I will know more when they get here.

They're Here!!

and sadly they are in a lot worse shape than I thought, its a good job they were cheap. The colourful one has a big crack on the soundboard and some rather bizarre home made push tuners, but it also has a bag of old push tuners with it, two sets of 3 tuners and a set of two tuners. The tuners don't really matter though as I would replace them with a new set of friction tuners anyway, it just the crack. The natural one is in really poor shape, not only does it have two big cracks on the sound board but its neck is loose so its lost the 12th fret and its also lost the 4th fret too. Then pretty much every seem is splitting, front, back even the tail seam! I hope the Ukulele Doctor is up for this; and although they are a matching set I would still like to replace the push tuners. There is also no clue as to who made them either, the colourful headstock is blank so it's not one of the U.S. suspects but I've not seen European ones coloured like this before? The bracing on both of them look very similar, even if nothing else does, so I suspect they were produced at the same factory and that the natural one was the better quality of the two when new, and with no sign of Foreign Made anywhere on either its likely they were made in an English Factory

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