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Pockets, Burning Holes and Disapointment

posted 28 May 2020, 12:33 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 2 Jun 2020, 10:09 ]
Dodomi DS3 Concert ukulele
kala makala shark concert sea foam green concert ukulele
Gewa Manoa Waimea W-SO-GR soprano ukulele
ortega keiki k1 turtle mini sopranino ukulele
Well that's my excuse anyway - Well I suppose you could throw in UAS as well
I have been disappointed recently by having a couple of people not let Ukuleles that have accepted my invitation, come to Ukulele Corner so looking online today I happened across the Ortega Keiki Mini that has been on my list of "to invite" for a while now so I did a quick bit of research and found that the best price for it was at my old dealer friend Thomann. Well the best price if I a} got the Orange one which was for some reason cheaper that the other colours? And b} invited something else so I would qualify for free shipping. Common sense says I should have just gone with one that would have been cheaper if I included shipping onto the price, but as usual, common sense was having a nap so I had a look to find something else to invite. I found a Concert scale Makala Shark, which was another one on my "to invite" list but it's fairly low on the list so I put it in reserve and carried on looking. What I was taken with that I hadn't seen before was the Gewa Manoa Waimea Soprano in the smart 50's kind of blue and white livery. As the Keiki and the Gewa were still not enough to qualify for free shipping UAS kicked in and I decided to invite all three!

Then there is the Dodomi DS3 Concert that I had forgotten about! Before being reminded of the Keiki I was looking at the Ukuleles that were ending soonest on ebay again as part of the feeling of disappointment thing and I came a grose this Dodomi Concert with just over half an hour to go. I remembered looking at it before because it was a name I'd not come across before and it was VERY pink! I didn't bid on it then because I wasn't "very disappointed" even though it was VERY cheap, anyway here it was again and still no one had bid so it was still cheap, so I figured "what the hell", and bid the minimum. I didn't stop to watch because it was an if it happens bid and went off, was distracted by the Keiko and forgot all about it. Much later I went back into ebay to do some feedback and found I had bought something and to please pay now. Still didn't remember until I looked and found that unlike that Tom19 Seller this one did honor the contract and would let it go for the minimum price so it to is on the way to Ukulele Corner

They're All Here!

And being new they all have strings that need a good stretch. They are very lovely too.