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It's not a replacment

posted 5 Jun 2020, 15:46 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 9 Jun 2020, 09:07 ]
gibson epiphone dobro deluxe inverted cone resonator guitar spider bridge

I recently sold my JHS Vintage AMG1 and one of the things I said to myself in doing this was " this will give me an excuse to look out for and get a non-JHS brass body single cone resonator". In looking at what was available on ebay, as well as brass bodied single cone ones it also came up with spider bridge inverted cone ones, (the original Dobro that the Dopyera brothers invented) . Now I've never had one of this kind of resonator instrument at Ukulele Corner and to be honest I've never knowingly heard one to say which technology is better, so I would like to invite one. There were a couple of wooden body newish second hand ones up at reasonable starting prices, one of which was a collection only but only 50 miles or so from Ukulele Corner and with no "Bargin" brass bodies and money burning a hole in my virtual pocket I thought I'd have a punt...
No one else bid, (probably because of the collect it now), so the invite was accepted and now a 2018 Dobro Hound Dog Deluxe will come to the Pony Guitar Sanctuary as soon as I can go and collect it. Yes the original branding but the name has changed hads a few times now and is currently in the hands of Gibson; still.

It's Here!

and its a lot heavier than I was expecting!! Obviously all of the extra metalwork weighs it down, not least the very heavy guage strings. The wooden body is far better quality than I was expecting too and the tone does seem more natural than with a biscuit bridge