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I guessed...

posted 15 Jun 2020, 17:03 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 1 Jul 2020, 09:03 ]
zoomp diamond at ukulele corner
flat back walaycho at ukulele corner
But I guessed wrong! About the reserve price set for this Ukulele so the bid I thought would be just under was accepted, and as no one bid against me this ZoomP Soprano is coming to Ukulele Corner. I did think it looked an interesting Ukulele with its body shape that was described as "diamond" and it is luthier made. I do think it looks, from the pictures, a little "artisan" and with the shipping from Trumpselvania I have probably overpaid?
But who knows it may live up to its name and be a little diamond

Meanwhile, whilst paying for the ZoomP I was shown what was described as a "Vintage Folk Art 10 String Ukulele" but was obviously, to me, some kind of Charango. When I looked further I saw that it was a] very interesting looking, b]from the dimensions a Walaycho, and c] still quite cheap with only a few hours to go! Given all that I thought I should at least have a go at inviting it to Ukulele Corner, so I put in a small offer - and now it too is on the way

They're Here!

And sadly the ZoomP is as artisan as I suspected and not the little diamond I had hoped. It is very heavy, so solid, but not in anyway elegantly made. I definitely think the upside down tuners need to be replaced and given the headstock size they will have to be friction tuners and I definitely think I have overpaid.

The Walaycho, on the other hand is a little diamond. The steel strings need to go and I'm really not sure if the tuners are original? They seam much lower quality than the rest of the instrument so I'll try some others once I've cleaned it up