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Having to move the site

posted 17 Aug 2020, 14:25 by Lardy Fatboy
Google have written to me telling me they are planning to shut down the "classic" sites soon so I should move all of the Ukulele Corner online stuff. I still haven't found a new place to host everything that does what I want at a similar sort of price so despite its shortcomings I am currently porting Ukulele Corner across to Google "new sites" Now amongst all of the other things that the new site can't do is the fact that the automatic transfer tool doesn't work in a useful manner. This means I have to do everything manually, one page at a time. It also means I have to come up with, (or abandon), the functions that don't work well like the current menu pages or this bloggy bit. I am starting with this site as the menus are less important and I can work with the simplistic built in system that is included while I work out how to do something better. On the plus side I can get the sound samples to work again on the new site so once I have everything moved across I will get to adding them again. I haven't found a good solution for doing slideshows on the new site yet though so I may have to continue doing without them still.

Once I have copied all of the pages across I will then publish the new site and point the DNS records to that leaving the current site behind. At that point too, I can start redoing all of the inter site links to point to the new pages but you will have to bear with me; and the broken links until then