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Goings and Comings

posted 27 May 2020, 17:39 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 5 Jun 2020, 06:19 ]
Barnes and Mullins the Gresse spruce spalt maple Tenor
Well maybe? The Going is fairly certain, just need to agree a price. The Coming less so, if fact it's downright dodgy!

The going is the Barnes & Mullins "the Gresse" Tenor. My good friend the Swamp's stepdaughter decided, in these times of incarceration, that she would like to try learning the Ukulele, so I lent her a couple, including the Gresse, and she has decided she would like to continue and keep it. No problem, it will be going to a good home where it will be well treated and to be totally honest I wouldn't be surprised, even with money changing hands, if it didn't come back to Ukulele Corner at sometime in the future - and it would be welcome back too, I've always thought it was a very pretty Ukulele.

The dodgy coming, is another Barnes & Mullins "the Gresse" but this one is a Soprano. I was looking for the current price for a the Gresse Tenor so I could give a reasonable price for buying mine and on Amazon my search led me to the Soprano model for an absolutely ridiculous, must be a mistake, they are never really going to sell it to me for that, price. Well it said 4 were in stock and there didn't seem to be much to loose so I went ahead and bought one. The order went through ok and 45 minutes later I even got an email telling me it had been dispatched, (it was quite late so I think this might be an automated thing and probably not true), so I will see tomorrow if the order gets canceled or if in the fullness of time the Ukulele arrives at Ukulele Corner?

Surprise, surprise the order for the Soprano has been canceled; well actually not surprised, the surprise would have been if I had actually got it for £6.90