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I'll Take Manhattan...

posted 29 Jul 2020, 15:27 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 29 Jul 2020, 16:10 ]

manhattan brand soprano at Ukulele Corner
Even if I am still in Lockdown
So it will have to be this Manhattan brand Soprano that I've invited to Ukulele Corner

Brazil - the Cavaco count rises

posted 25 Jul 2020, 17:35 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 29 Jul 2020, 16:12 ]

giannini brazilian cavaquinho at ukulele corner
A Giannini Serie Estudio GCSE17 from 2008, so my newest but not very new

It's Here

And it looks pretty new apart from the strings which badly need replacing

Well I am a collector

posted 8 Jul 2020, 05:51 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 4 Aug 2020, 06:14 ]

slainte nukulele bottle soprano at ukulele corner
favilla afson banjo soprano at ukulele corner
favilla afson banjo soprano at ukulele corner
So even though I already have two Nukulele Bottle Sopranos I have still gone and invited a third! The Slainte Irish Ale Nuke. The price for them is still very low but there are fewer and fewer out there for sale new so if I want the set...
And as I am a collector I couldn't help but invite the Afson Ukulele Banjo from New York, after all they are quite rare and suppose to be good quality, or the Lyon & Healy Uke Jnr which is much rarer than the Camp Uke

They're all here!!

And they are all very nice, (but the Uke Jnr is hard to play)

It's a race...

posted 28 Jun 2020, 17:18 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 5 Jul 2020, 14:08 ]

Malawee soprano at Ukulele Corner
Mahalo Skull soprano at Ukulele Corner
I did what I know is always a mistake and ran an ebay search with ending soonest as a criteria. Both with less than an hour to go, both still very cheap. The first attracted my interest because it is a brand I have never seen before, Malawee? I thought I should make a note somewhere for an entry in the database...
The second is another from Mahalo's latest Art series (like the Alien), the Skull. OK so underneath it all its just a standard body fitted upside down but is still novel and interesting, (I think), even a little amusing. Like I said they were both still very cheap so I thought I would try the next step up in bidding. I wasn't outbid with an autobid so I was in the lead with less than an hour to go...
Now they are both on the way to Ukulele Corner. Lets see which gets here first?

And the winner is...

The Malawee! Except its not, it a Milani MSU-53 Soprano! I should know better than to trust sellers on ebay but how you get wee from ni I have no idea? Anyway it is some nice spalted maple laminate and well worth the price I paid.

Better late than never

The Mahalo Skull is here too, and this is a Mahalo; and a Skull; and a very welcome addition to Ukulele Corner

I really thought I would be outbid!

posted 21 Jun 2020, 15:54 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 23 Jun 2020, 15:08 ]

MFC Honu Engraved Soprano Flea with aftermarket Peghead tuners at Ukulele Corner
But my miserly invitation to a Natural MFC Flea with a Honu engraving and aftermarket peghead tuners was accepted and is on the way to Ukulele Corner.

It's Here!!

That was quick! It must be the fastest Honu ever

New with an old name

posted 18 Jun 2020, 16:09 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 22 Jun 2020, 02:19 ]

axl recording king soprano at ukulele corner
Well its a New, (2018) Soprano from AXL but they have put the old Recording King branding that they took over rights to. and with the plastic headstock and fretboard it has an old style look too.
And its on the way to live at Ukulele Corner!

It's Here

and it is absolutely gorgeous 

I guessed...

posted 15 Jun 2020, 17:03 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 1 Jul 2020, 09:03 ]

zoomp diamond at ukulele corner
flat back walaycho at ukulele corner
But I guessed wrong! About the reserve price set for this Ukulele so the bid I thought would be just under was accepted, and as no one bid against me this ZoomP Soprano is coming to Ukulele Corner. I did think it looked an interesting Ukulele with its body shape that was described as "diamond" and it is luthier made. I do think it looks, from the pictures, a little "artisan" and with the shipping from Trumpselvania I have probably overpaid?
But who knows it may live up to its name and be a little diamond

Meanwhile, whilst paying for the ZoomP I was shown what was described as a "Vintage Folk Art 10 String Ukulele" but was obviously, to me, some kind of Charango. When I looked further I saw that it was a] very interesting looking, b]from the dimensions a Walaycho, and c] still quite cheap with only a few hours to go! Given all that I thought I should at least have a go at inviting it to Ukulele Corner, so I put in a small offer - and now it too is on the way

They're Here!

And sadly the ZoomP is as artisan as I suspected and not the little diamond I had hoped. It is very heavy, so solid, but not in anyway elegantly made. I definitely think the upside down tuners need to be replaced and given the headstock size they will have to be friction tuners and I definitely think I have overpaid.

The Walaycho, on the other hand is a little diamond. The steel strings need to go and I'm really not sure if the tuners are original? They seam much lower quality than the rest of the instrument so I'll try some others once I've cleaned it up

This one is!!

posted 14 Jun 2020, 14:52 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 16 Jun 2020, 11:01 ]

stentor ozark 3515 single cone biscuit bridge resonator guitar at ukulele corner
I didn't have to wait long for a replacement for the JHS Vintage AGM1 and I wouldn't swear this has a different OEM, but the Importer and the branding is different so that is that concern covered. The one coming is a Stentor Ozark 3515N steel bodied biscuit bridge resonator. OK no engraving and a different headstock shape, but other than that it looks pretty much the same. I hope its not though and I like playing this one more. (A bit of research shows that this has a different OEM The JHS VIntage had AXL as the OEM and a German Silver body. This one has, I believe Hosco's Chinese factory as the OEM and more importantly a Nickel Plated Steel body which is a significant and major difference - and AXL don't make Steel body resonators)

It's Here!!

and its very very shiny. It also sounds great and has lighter strings on so is nicer to play

It's not a replacment

posted 5 Jun 2020, 15:46 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 9 Jun 2020, 09:07 ]

gibson epiphone dobro deluxe inverted cone resonator guitar spider bridge

I recently sold my JHS Vintage AMG1 and one of the things I said to myself in doing this was " this will give me an excuse to look out for and get a non-JHS brass body single cone resonator". In looking at what was available on ebay, as well as brass bodied single cone ones it also came up with spider bridge inverted cone ones, (the original Dobro that the Dopyera brothers invented) . Now I've never had one of this kind of resonator instrument at Ukulele Corner and to be honest I've never knowingly heard one to say which technology is better, so I would like to invite one. There were a couple of wooden body newish second hand ones up at reasonable starting prices, one of which was a collection only but only 50 miles or so from Ukulele Corner and with no "Bargin" brass bodies and money burning a hole in my virtual pocket I thought I'd have a punt...
No one else bid, (probably because of the collect it now), so the invite was accepted and now a 2018 Dobro Hound Dog Deluxe will come to the Pony Guitar Sanctuary as soon as I can go and collect it. Yes the original branding but the name has changed hads a few times now and is currently in the hands of Gibson; still.

It's Here!

and its a lot heavier than I was expecting!! Obviously all of the extra metalwork weighs it down, not least the very heavy guage strings. The wooden body is far better quality than I was expecting too and the tone does seem more natural than with a biscuit bridge

Pockets, Burning Holes and Disapointment

posted 28 May 2020, 12:33 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 2 Jun 2020, 10:09 ]

Dodomi DS3 Concert ukulele
kala makala shark concert sea foam green concert ukulele
Gewa Manoa Waimea W-SO-GR soprano ukulele
ortega keiki k1 turtle mini sopranino ukulele
Well that's my excuse anyway - Well I suppose you could throw in UAS as well
I have been disappointed recently by having a couple of people not let Ukuleles that have accepted my invitation, come to Ukulele Corner so looking online today I happened across the Ortega Keiki Mini that has been on my list of "to invite" for a while now so I did a quick bit of research and found that the best price for it was at my old dealer friend Thomann. Well the best price if I a} got the Orange one which was for some reason cheaper that the other colours? And b} invited something else so I would qualify for free shipping. Common sense says I should have just gone with one that would have been cheaper if I included shipping onto the price, but as usual, common sense was having a nap so I had a look to find something else to invite. I found a Concert scale Makala Shark, which was another one on my "to invite" list but it's fairly low on the list so I put it in reserve and carried on looking. What I was taken with that I hadn't seen before was the Gewa Manoa Waimea Soprano in the smart 50's kind of blue and white livery. As the Keiki and the Gewa were still not enough to qualify for free shipping UAS kicked in and I decided to invite all three!

Then there is the Dodomi DS3 Concert that I had forgotten about! Before being reminded of the Keiki I was looking at the Ukuleles that were ending soonest on ebay again as part of the feeling of disappointment thing and I came a grose this Dodomi Concert with just over half an hour to go. I remembered looking at it before because it was a name I'd not come across before and it was VERY pink! I didn't bid on it then because I wasn't "very disappointed" even though it was VERY cheap, anyway here it was again and still no one had bid so it was still cheap, so I figured "what the hell", and bid the minimum. I didn't stop to watch because it was an if it happens bid and went off, was distracted by the Keiko and forgot all about it. Much later I went back into ebay to do some feedback and found I had bought something and to please pay now. Still didn't remember until I looked and found that unlike that Tom19 Seller this one did honor the contract and would let it go for the minimum price so it to is on the way to Ukulele Corner

They're All Here!

And being new they all have strings that need a good stretch. They are very lovely too.

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